Friday, 9 January 2015

Another review for I Think I Prefer the Tinned Variety

I was delighted to notice a few days ago that another review had been posted on the Amazon site for

So pleased you liked the book G.P. Walker and many thanks for adding your comment to the Amazon site. 

Indeed, thanks to everyone who has posted a review.

If you're wondering why the price of the book has increased it's all to do with V.A.T. Until Jan 1st this year V.A.T. on ebooks in the U.K. was levied at 3%. Changes in tax rules mean that V.A.T. is now being levied at 20%. Paper books continue to be zero rated. Why ebooks are discriminated against beats me but there you are. All our ebooks are under £1 at the moment. Why not take a look at Spurwing Ebooks?

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A new review for I Think I Prefer the Tinned Variety

Over on the Amazon Book Page there's a new review for I Think I Prefer the Tinned Variety.

A reader called Maisie's Mum has enjoyed reading the book and very kindly taken the time to write a review. 

I loved this comment:"Reading between the lines, Norman emerges as a sweet, thoughtful young man determined to do 'his bit'."

For me that sums up everything I've ever read about the lives of ordinary people during that era as well as my dad.

You can read a sample of I Think I Prefer the Tinned Variety on the Amazon Book Page and get the download for your Kindle. If you don't read with a Kindle did you know that there is a free Kindle App for tablet, mobile phone, iPad etc which works just as well as a Kindle. You can find out about it here on the Amazon website.

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